Music Therapy:

The song "Hold On Be Strong" was written by Nigel Pahl, Mister P (Walter Powell), and the outstanding talented kids of Wapekeka First Nation. We had an amazing time working with the young people of Wapekeka. The hospitality of the town was amazing and it was nice to make some new friends and to connect with some old friends. Remember kids, you can do anything you put your minds to as long as you practice, stay focused and never give up. We look forward to seeing you again in the new year.

Diligent Productions Ltd. created the Youth Empowerment Program in order to help young people develop a sense of value, identity, community responsibility and power to positively change whatever they felt needed changing in their lives and communities.


Understanding that self-confidence and reflection are the most important parts of any child’s development, our program was designed to help them identify where their values reside. We will be providing an explanation as to why they are the center of all important as it helps to galvanize this fact. The basic fundamental of “treat others as you would like to be treated” comes from understanding that you should treat yourself with the utmost respect.


Therefore, an individual can understand how others should treat them based on the comprehension of self-love and respect and why they should treat others with the utmost respect. The YEW teaches individuals to always value oneself over material things, monetary wealth doesn’t equal personal value and that each individual has unlimited potential. Our program goes about this by doing a series of exercises consisting of mental training developed to restructure the individual’s current perspective of self.

What is the

YEW program:

The YEW program considers the individuality of each person and is designed in such a way for each person to understand the beauty of individual difference, expression, and selfgovernment. The YEW program teaches goal-setting and the discipline of practice to achieve excellence. The program provides easy-to-grasp methods on how to focus attention to reach milestones and accomplish goals.


The YEW encourages its participants to define personal passion, interests and explore how they can impact their community. Our program teaches the importance of teamwork, display how group activities are similar to the properties of an ecosystem. With many different individual participants, working in synchronicity to achieve a homonymous goal. The YEW program teaches proactivity and action over procrastination.


The YEW program’s curriculum provides the following dynamic topics of discussion that are engaging, thought-provoking, comprehensible and easy to mentally digest.


By 2019, 80% of the World’s Internet Traffic Will Be Video( people have next to no video representation on

the Internet. What is more concerning is that is in most cases it is someone outside the community that has produced what is currently available.


Stats Canada:

1,400,685 people had an Aboriginal identity in 2011, representing 4.3% of the total Canadian population. Aboriginal youth aged 15 to 24 represented 18.2% of the total Aboriginal population and 5.9% of all youth in Canada. Non-Aboriginal youth accounted for 12.9% of the total non-Aboriginal population.


Aboriginal children aged 14 and under made up 28.0% of the total Aboriginal population and 7.0% of all children in Canada. Almost half (48.1%) of all children aged 14 and under in foster care were Aboriginal children. Nearly 4% of Aboriginal children were foster children compared to 0.3% of non-Aboriginal children.

It is very clear to see, based on the aforementioned statistics that there is an overwhelming deficiency in the representation of our Indigenous youth within the multimedia and video mediums. This is why Diligent Productions would like to present this proposal to assist the Indigenous youth in opening a window to the outside world through multimedia training and distribution of their content. Creative expression is very therapeutic and may significantly help youth that feels cut off and isolated better cope with their situations

through an artistic outlet.

This initiative was designed to help build international relationships, provide youth with purpose and an additional opportunity for commerce. Serving as an outlet for creative expression, the participants would gain expertise in filmmaking and would foster more people of the First Nations to enter the international film arena - an industry which generates a whopping $11 billion in North America and $38.6 billion worldwide.

Diligent Productions would like to spearhead this initiative and assist with building the infrastructure, provide education for use of equipment and distribution of content through our various contacts.


Our goal is to educate the youth on the industry and all the

possible applications including music videos, community

infomercials, short stories, business and tourism commercials,

historical documenting, personal stories, film festivals, personal

growth measurements and so much more.

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